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It doesn’t matter whether you have absolutely no knowledge of technology or whether you are a technical expert yourself. If you need any help with any aspect of information technology, especially if it’s got anything to do with the Internet, websites and web applications, it would be our pleasure to be of service.

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Spread of our Advisory Services

We have listed below some typical areas that customers would usually tend to seek help with. We are, however, open to providing consulting services on any IT related subject matter. The following is just a limited list, to provide you with an idea of the spread of our advisory service offering, which would be best summed up as a service with a “360 degrees coverage”.

  • Web Strategy Consultation

    Building your online presence is not just about having a website up and running. You have to have a web strategy that takes into account a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to, the mission, vision, goals, tactics, activities, and the nature of the underlying business itself, in addition to the ongoing online and technological trends, means of communication, etc. Easier said than done, a good strategy is a work or art, science and out-of-the-box thinking. Feel free to consult us on any matter related to planning, implementing or improvising your web strategy.

  • Web Business Review

    Does your website generate the amount of business you expect from it? Is that the best that it can do? How can we get it to do better? Do you have a plan? These are some of the questions you should keep asking about your web business. There’s always something that can be done to improve a website, its look and feel, the message that it conveys, the response that it receives, the engagement ability it possesses, and the business that it generates. Such enhancements could be as simple as a change of words, to as complicated as cutting-edge functionality custom-built for a very specific and unique purpose. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to see improved business results. Sometimes, very small enhancements made to the website can result in good returns. The enhancements are usually technical but could sometimes be common sense stuff that could have simply got ignored along the way. We have an eye for identifying elements that could be hindering the growth potential of the business behind your website. Having us review your website might just turn out to be the best investment you’ve made.

  • IT & Business Goals Alignment Review

    Do your IT goals complement your business goals? A product/project that is excellent but doesn’t add value to the business is of no use. One common problem that businesses encounter is misalignment of its goals with those of IT initiatives within the organization. This is even more so then the organization has its own separate IT department. It gets even more complicated when there is a common IT budget meant to be shared across multiple (all) business units within the organization. Whether your organization has a separate IT department or employs a third party IT consultant for its needs, it is important for a business to ensure that its goals are well-aligned with the IT initiatives. We can help build, strengthen and oversee this delicate link critical to your success.

  • Technology Advice

    When it comes to technology, there are a number of ways to achieve the end product. To take a simple example, you can have identical web applications built using totally different tools, services, programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, web/app servers, hardware, etc. There is a wide range of options available for each of the building blocks, each having their own features, advantages and disadvantages. The choices that you make for your website today may dictate the choices, opportunities and/or hurdles in the future. It is therefore important to carefully choose the technology behind your online presence, depending on various parameters related to your business. We’re available if you need help in getting technology to work for you.

  • Technical Design Review

    Technical design is the foundation of the product. When customers ask for a website to be developed, for example, seldom do they know what exactly to ask for. They may know what they want and how they want it to look and function, but, if they lack sufficient technical knowledge, they would have no idea about the foundation that their dream projects would be built upon. This could lead to all sorts of issues akin to real-world constructions with poor foundation and flawed structural design. Physical constructions, however, undergo minimal changes after being constructed, unlike IT products that need to adapt and modify with changing times. That is why it is important to ensure that your IT projects are built on a foundation that is not only strong, but also flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing business requirements.

  • Technical Problem Resolution

    Not all developers are experts, and not all experts are well-versed with researching and implementing first-of-a-kind solutions. You may come across instances when lack of technical know-how, or inability to come up with a logical solution for a technical requirement, or the urgency of fixing unusual problems, may require you to seek additional help. If you find that your project team is stuck with a technical hurdle anytime during development, we can look into the matter and offer a technical solution. If you encounter a problem in the production (live) environment, we can offer our technical problem resolution service. Just get in touch with us if you need any technical help anytime.

  • Website Security Audit

    Are you sure your website is secure? We’re sure you are not! That’s because nobody can be absolutely sure about website security. Security loopholes may exist at any or every level of your website or application, which could be exploited by hackers anytime. Vulnerabilities may exist in your infrastructure setup or in your application code. There could be issues in the network setup, application server setup, third party application components, or custom code written by programmers. The logic built into programs or code snippets could also be used by hackers to break a system. Hence, in order to tighten up security, it is not only important to have your website and infrastructure reviewed and tested for commonly known security loopholes and potential vulnerabilities, but it is also important to look into the underlying code. Most importantly, it is required to imbibe security awareness into members of the technical team, and inculcate it as a way of life so that vulnerabilities are not introduced into the system in the first place. We can help identify vulnerabilities in your systems/websites and even fix them for you.

  • Software Process Consultation

    Software development is a complicated field of work, with continual technological advancements and an ever-evolving set of processes. How you get to the end product is equally important to what the end product looks like. If the right processes are not employed, it can lead to a product that is half baked, unsatisfactory, or perhaps even useless. Developing an useful product, one that satisfies the requirements of a business, is more important than developing a product that looks great but doesn’t deliver what is needed. Web development is a work of art. Developing a website or web application is one thing, and developing a website that matters is yet another thing. At Excelory, we help develop solutions that deliver business results.

  • Quality Assurance Advice

    Frequent breakdowns or problems while using the software/website, unnecessary delays in resolving problems, performance issues, maintenance difficulties, inflated cost of enhancements, etc. could be some of the many problems associated with web projects that do not follow the right quality assurance processes. While doing it right the first time is the best approach, you don’t need to lose hope if your initial endeavors have not turned out too well. If you feel that your current IT partner or in-house IT department is not performing up to the mark, we can guide you on how to make things better.

  • Online Marketing Consultation

    Online marketing is much more than spending your budget on creating campaigns, experiencing sudden spikes in response, and then seeing things drop back to square one equally fast, if not faster. For successful marketing, you need a comprehensive plan that not only grabs attention, but follows through and generates tangible results that fuel growth. Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. are currently the primary online marketing trends, but are often utilized incorrectly by just focusing on “push marketing”. Integrating these into the right tools and tactics for customer engagement and relationship management, and converting those relationships into repeat business should be the ultimate aim of marketing. We can not only consult you on the what, where, how, when and why of online marketing, but we can also help with tools that can help you with the process.

  • Project Management Advice

    Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, mobilizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. Every software development, enhancement, or maintenance activity is essentially a project. Accomplishing software projects, just like all other types of projects, require that we achieve goals amidst existing constraints, while honoring the primary constraints of scope, time, quality and budget, through efficient and optimal use of resources. The powerful combination of our technical know-how, project management experience and soft skills essential to the success of an IT project, serves as an unbeatable offering. We are confident that with our experience in IT project management, we are well-placed in guiding you with your upcoming IT initiatives or with projects that may have already gone bad.

Depth of our Advisory Services

We have listed below some typical means of employing our advisory services, which correspond to the detail that we need to get into for each of them. This is just to provide you with an idea of how the depth of our advisory service could vary from providing simple advice to doing extensive research and analysis and generating detailed reports and even technical output.

  • Consultation Calls/Meetings

    Sometimes, all you need is some advice that would help you get going. Whether you want to know what possibilities exist or you need specific advice on choosing a course of action, you can schedule a consultation with us. Even if we would eventually need in-depth analysis and delve deeper into matters, all our advisory services would begin with an initial call or meeting.

  • Reviews & Audits

    Sometimes, just talking about matters doesn’t suffice. Before we can get to discussing something concrete, we may need to review the current circumstances and operations and derive conclusions based on our analysis. We may also require to get deep and scrutinize the technical aspects of the system and/or conduct structured audits. Whether such analysis would be needed or not is something that would be discussed during the initial call.

  • Quick Solutions

    Rather than advice, there might be a need for quick solutions to problems that urgently need to be resolved. Your current IT partner may be at a loss of ideas to resolve an issue, or you may not have ready access to technical support. Problems could also be administrative, with your project management team being in a fix due to some conflict. Be it technical or managerial, we trust our problem solving ability and we’d be glad to be of help during your tough times.

Comprehensive IT Consultation

As mentioned earlier, the list of items mentioned above only serve as examples of the spread and depth of our advisory services.

We provide a 360 degrees coverage of the IT field, so you can feel free to consult us on any matter, particularly anything to do with the Internet and Web Technologies.

The depth of our advisory services provides a very detailed coverage, with consultation being as simple as a phone call in order to obtain advice, to detailed activities that could cross over to the web development aspect of our technical services.

Our advisory services complement our development services, thereby helping us offer a comprehensive set of services that make us an ideal IT partner.

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