Affiliate Marketing

How many personnel can your business afford to have on your sales team? How much business can each of them bring in? Imagine if you could expand your sales force in a big way, with people all around the world (or, wherever your target market exists) actively involved in promoting your business, without they being on your payroll. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Affiliate Marketing is all about mobilizing such a sales force.

Each such person who actively promotes your business and drives sales, is known as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing involves motivating such affiliates towards promoting your business by offering them incentives for their efforts. For example, you could devise a scheme where you offer your affiliates 20% of the revenue in recognition of their efforts. Affiliate marketing consequently also involves technicalities related to the tracking of affiliate sales and mapping them to respective affiliates. For example, if affiliate “A” sends customer “P” to your website, who then makes a purchase, you should be able to map the sale to affiliate “A”, so that he can become eligible to receive 20% of the revenue as promised.

Affiliates in turn use other types of online marketing techniques, such as SEM, SEO, SMM, etc. to promote your products. Depending on the type of your business, you may want to place restrictions on what methods of marketing can be used by your affiliates. Additionally, you also need to provide your affiliates with tools and sales material necessary for them to be able to promote your business. This includes banners of various sizes, text content that they can use for promotion, etc.

All details of the affiliate marketing offer, along with associated terms and conditions, are collectively known as the Affiliate Program.

At Excelory, we work with you closely to devise business offers that are competitive enough to motivate affiliates to promote your products and/or services. We also provide you with all the tools and services necessary for you to be able to publish and manage your own Affiliate Program, including add-on services like creation of banners, writing marketing copy, and other preparing other material as may be required on a case to case basis.

With Affiliate Marketing, you are always a winner. You devise schemes that are profitable for your business, and you pay your affiliates only when they generate those results. No unnecessary commitments, and no employment overheads. click here for a free consultation session to know how affiliate marketing can work wonders for your specific business.