ITSM Services

As a business, you should not have to waste your time worrying about matters such as availability and stability of your IT systems or performing day to day maintenance related activities for that matter. We believe that IT should be a business enabler, not an overhead.

In order to help you focus on your core competencies as a business, while making the most efficient use of IT to enable better business, Excelory offers IT Service Management (ITSM) services that not only keep your existing web applications and IT systems running smoothly, but also reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT, through efficient use of systems, staff, processes, product, suppliers, talent and technology.

In offering our ITSM services, we follow ISO/IEC 20000 (previously BS15000), which is the International Service Management Standard for IT service management, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which outlines the best set of globally recognized ITSM practices.

Our ITSM service offering can be summarized as follows. Each of these areas are an important and integral part of IT Service Management, which makes it imperative to offer them as a set. Depending on the maturity of your business and your specific requirements, however, we can tailor this service and the depth of its offering to provide you with what best fits your organization. Having said that, here is an overall list of services the for a part of our ITSM offering:

Service Support & Maintenance

Every IT-enabled business requires appropriate IT services to support its users. Business users need a mechanism to ask for clarifications and/or help when faced with difficulties, receive prompt support when IT systems have problems, request for changes as and when situation demands, and be notified of any IT changes that could have a potential impact on business operations. Our Service Support and Maintenance offering addresses this need, and mainly consists of the following functions/activities:

  • IT Service Desk (more)
  • Service Catalogue Management (more)
  • IT Asset Management (more)
  • IT Infrastructure Management (more)
  • Routine Maintenance (more)
  • Service Request Fulfillment (more)
  • Event Management (more)
  • Incident Management (more)
  • Problem Management (more)

Service Enhancement Support

This service offering relates to the delivery of enhancements into the live/operational environment, and is closely associated with the “Project” side of IT rather than Business As Usual (BAU). While the actual work of implementing any change, even one that is initiated for fixing problems, is usually performed through projects, the Service Enhancement Support function acts as the link between Project Execution and Support and Maintenance by helping transition the changes into the support function.

  • Configuration Management (more)
  • Change Management (more)
  • Change Evaluation (more)
  • Transition Planning & Support (more)
  • Release and Deployment Management (more)
  • Service Validation and Testing (more)

Service Sustainability Management

Any IT-enabled business needs assurance of business continuity, security, and other matters related to the smooth functioning of the supporting systems. Working closely with Service Support & Maintenance and Service Enhancement Support, Service Sustainability Management focuses on service design and delivery matters that are important for the continual improvement of service support maturity as well as future stability and continuity.

  • Service Level Management (more)
  • Knowledge Management (more)
  • Risk Management (more)
  • Capacity Management (more)
  • Availability Management (more)
  • Service Continuity Management (more)
  • IT Security Management (more)
  • Compliance Management (more)
  • IT Architecture Management (more)
  • Supplier Management (more)

Our ITSM offering follows best practices that can help your organization realize the much sought after goals of

  • Aligning IT services with business needs,
  • Providing quality IT services that are continually improving, and
  • Reducing the cost of providing IT services.

Contact us for a free consultation on how our ITSM services can help your IT-enabled business get the best in class support while at the same time lowering IT spend.