Other Online Marketing Services

Besides the main ones that we’ve outlined, viz. SEM, SEO, SMM and Affiliate Marketing, there are some other types of online marketing which need a mention.

Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising is akin to the offline methods of advertising through billboards, posters and fliers. It usually involves the use of banners or simply text, which are displayed on web pages of other websites. Display Advertising is usually priced using the CPM model, where advertisements are charged based on the number of impressions (display instances) as compared to the CPC model that we saw in SEM, where the business is charged based on the number of clicks that the advertisement receives. Clearly, the problem with Display Advertising is that you are charged even if the target audience does not take notice of your ads, leave alone clicking on them. At Excelory, we can help you with Display Advertising by not only helping in the act of advertising, but also in the creation of banners and convincing text copy.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing needs no explanation, with the very mention of the term surfacing images of SPAM. Excelory does not advocate the use of automated e-mail marketing for soliciting new customers, because that lies in the grey area. Purchasing e-mail lists from aggregating services and sending e-mails to those lists is criminal. Having said that, we fully support the use of e-mail marketing as a means of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) where the e-mail addresses are ones that are legitimately and willingly obtained by your business from individuals who have expressed interest in receiving promotional communication from you. At Excelory, we offer tools and services that can help you manage your customers and leads better and increase your sales through proactive engagement.

Referral Marketing

Online Referral Marketing is the Internet based approach of traditional referral marketing, where customers are encouraged to refer the services and/or products of your business to people they know and, in return, are rewarded in monetary or non-monetary means. It is the art of taking “word of mouth” to the next level where people make an extra effort to promote you in an attempt to maximize their rewards. Technically speaking, Affiliate Marketing and Referral Marketing have a lot in common. Excelory can help you with everything that it takes to implement your own Referral Marketing program.

Want more?

If there’s something we’ve not covered here, feel free to ask us about it. Information overload is, however, a trap you should beware of. You can keep digging deep into each of the online marketing techniques, or you can let Excelory put everything together for you and start generating results for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation session to get started.