Project Management Services

Excelory is proficient at Project Management, having experience in executing projects of varied sizes and technologies for and on behalf of companies in the U.S. Fortune 500 and Fortune India 500 lists, with the project team of a single project being spread out across as many as five countries, namely America, Japan, China, Singapore and India.

Additionally, the extensive experience that our management team has had working in the Japanese market, where strict processes and high quality services are a way of life and there is little room for errors and non-conformances, places our capabilities way above those of our competitors.

The Need for Projects & Project Management

A project is… (show)

Project Management is… (show)

IT service providers that do not follow project management methodologies and best practices are like real estate builders that pre-sell apartments, possibly without any commitments, in buildings that are going to be constructed without any plans or blueprints. It would suffice to say that the outcome is unpredictable and a potential disaster for both the customer as well as the provider. It’s like paying for the development of a website and getting one that neither matches your expectations, nor serves the ultimate purpose, although it might generally appear beautiful to the casual eye. Had the website development been executed as a project, you would have, in all probability, got what was much needed and expected.

Project Management for Our Own Services

At Excelory, project management and related activities are part and parcel of the services that we offer. We believe that any service that demands tailor-made activities, especially where there is room for a significant gap between expectations and outcome, must be executed as a project. Consequently, our Technical Services, Online Marketing Services as well as Special IT Services are executed on a project basis. As for our Advisory Services, projects may be initiated depending on the breadth & depth of the requested service. While a simple consultation session does not require a project, a detailed technical review or audit would be executed as a small project.

Adopting a project based approach ensures that our services remain very dependable, with our customers knowing beforehand what the expected outcome would be, and also being well-informed of the status throughout the duration of the project, and finally getting what had been promised and agreed upon. Projects set expectations right for the service that is to be delivered, leaving very little room for misunderstandings and leading to customer satisfaction and happy relationships.

Best of all, we bear the complete overhead of offering our services through structured project management, with no cost being passed on to you.

Project Management as a Service Offering

Besides incorporating project management into our own services, we offer Project Management as a special service in itself.

We understand that most small and medium enterprises do not have the capacity to employ inhouse talent capable of managing IT initiatives. Under such circumstances, they are not in a position to make informed decisions about what is right or wrong for their business and whether the IT consultant selected by them is giving them the best in class solution and value for their money. That’s where Excelory’s Project Management services fit in.

At Excelory, we follow project management standards and guidelines as outlined in the “PMBOK Guide” by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is a globally recognized and trusted project management methodology. Theoretically, project management involves various processes that can be organized into 5 Process Groups… (show),… 10 project management “Knowledge Areas” (show),… 47 processes that come under the matrix formed between the Process Groups and the Knowledge Areas. Most importantly, project management involves… (show)

The standards and guides, however, are just that – a reference, and a source of knowledge. Any amount of theoretical knowledge cannot guarantee the success of a project. The true test of project management lies in what the project manager is able to do or accomplish while applying his or her project management knowledge practically. Effective project managers additionally require a balance of ethical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills that help them analyze situations and interact appropriately. Interpersonal skills include, for example, leadership, team building, motivation, communication, influencing, decision making, political and cultural awareness, negotiation, trust building, conflict management, and coaching. It is the soft skills, combined with real world experience, that make the difference between success and failure of a project.

We understand what it takes to make a project a success, and it is our endeavor to help you with your IT initiatives so that they are worth your investment. Contact us to discuss your plans with us and understand how we can help you get the best from your endeavors by applying project management best-practices.