Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Would you buy something from a company when its sales agents are bombarding you with sales pitches, or when a trusted friend casually recommends it to you? Certainly, recommendation from friends would have a greater convincing power than any amount of self promotion by a business. How would it feel to able to generate such a response for your business from your [potential] customers? Social Media Marketing (SMM) lets you do just that. SMM is all about trying to get end users to sell your business to their contacts, for free, through various social media channels.

SMM is based on good faith, and works well for business that are truly reputable. When you send a notification to your fan base, the message may spread to their contacts, and contacts of those contacts, and so on and so forth. Before you know, the message could reach tens of thousands of individuals that you otherwise couldn’t have even dreamt of reaching out to. Other than the first message sent out by the business, the message appears to originate from a trusted contact, as opposed to the brand or company itself, and is therefore well received by everyone.

SMM involves increased communication with existing clientele and business leads, in an attempt to engage them, promote brand awareness, encourage feedback, and, most importantly, to incite them into sharing the message with their social networks. What happens beyond that point may be out of your control, but the art of careful planning and strategic sharing of useful and quality content in a timely and convincing manner is an art that is fundamental to SMM.

While SEM can be executed based on sales requirements, and SEO can be carried out on a non-continuous basis, SMM must be an ongoing activity. You cannot establish a channel of communication with your customers/leads and then abandon it all of a sudden. At the same time, having long periods of silence doesn’t speak well of a business either. The act of reaching out regularly demonstrates business activity, and the act of responding to incoming communication, which must happen promptly, shows that you are listening.

Social Media Marketing is critical to building the image of your business, and therefore Excelory recommends that it should be managed and executed from within the organization itself. Our services should ideally be employed to the extent of providing you with the tools and techniques necessary for successful Social Media Marketing. However, we do understand that most small and medium enterprises would not have a dedicated marketing department, leave alone one that understands or is keen on performing the day to day activities related to social media marketing. Therefore, besides offering the tools and techniques, we also provide services to help you build your strategy, draft required content on a regular basis, as well as do the honors of executing the SMM efforts on your behalf.

Quantifying the results of SMM is not as clear cut and instant as SEM, but not as complicated and time consuming as SEO either. It is fairly simple to see when SMM efforts are generating buzz for your business over the Internet, and we can also demonstrate the effectiveness of our SMM efforts through the mapping of positive results to increased traffic numbers that can be tracked back to social media channels.

If the thought of your business gaining popularity through “word of mouth” over the Internet excites you, click here for a free consultation session to know more about how we can help you engage your customers and prospects using SMM.