Software Quality Management (SQM) Services

Gone are the days when quality management was considered as a means of planning and controlling the prevention of failure and was looked upon as a cost factor. Quality management is now looked upon as an investment, with focus having moved over to enhancing satisfaction of stakeholders – not just the end customer, but the producing organization as well, with the results showing up as mutual benefits of customer satisfaction as well as organizational profitability.

Software quality is generally thought of as Software Quality Assurance (SQA). However, SQA is only a part of the larger picture that is characteristic of Software Quality Management (SQM). Quality Management is a broader practice that additionally involves three more components, viz. Quality Planning, Quality Control (QC) and Quality Improvement.

At Excelory, we approach quality management in a very systematic manner, by following internationally recognized quality standards specified by organizations such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and SEI (Software Engineering Institute), and additionally applying our experience in the Japanese market to incorporate quality improvement best practices like Toyota Production System, QFD, and Kaizen (改善) just to name a few.

Besides incorporating SQM as an integral part of all our own development services, we offer SQM and related activities as independent services. We are open to helping you with any/all activities related to Quality Management, including but not limited to the following.

  • Setup a Quality Management System in your organization.
  • Establish Quality Assurance mechanisms for selected practices.
  • Perform Quality Control activities, including but not limited to:
    • Management Reviews / Technical Reviews
    • Walk-throughs
    • Verification & Validation

    related to various processes and activities such as

    • Project Management
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Product/Service Design
    • Construction/Development
    • Various levels of Analysis & Testing
    • Product deployment / Service implementation
    • Post- Release/Sales Support
    • Maintenance & Enhancements
  • Perform Quality Measurement & Analysis.
  • Carry out Quality Audits & Inspections.
  • Implement Technical Systems for Quality Assurance.
    Some of our services worth noting here are:
    • Automated Functional Testing.
    • Automated Performance/Stress Testing.
    • Implementation of Quality Management Tools.
  • Drive Continual Quality Improvement.

The above mentioned items are some general examples to help you understand the scope of our quality service offerring.

Many organizations separate their inhouse activities from the quality assurance and quality control practice in order to ensure a more robust and objective quality system. Be it for the integration of QA and QC into your business services or for a one-time development project or even for ongoing product maintenance, or the implementation of SQM across departments and even your entire organization, Excelory fits in well as an independent Quality Partner.

In your quest for excellence, we are committed to help you with virtually any aspect of quality. Contact us today to discuss your specific quality requirements and find out how we can help.