Website Design

Web Development is a generic term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing a simple, static, single page website consisting of just plain text to the most complex and dynamic websites, web applications, and electronic businesses.

While Website Design and Development focuses on providing a web presence for your business, Web Application Development takes your web presence to a whole new level by providing interactive means to not only reach out to your customers or automate business processes, but by expanding your business in innumerable ways that can only be limited by your imagination.

Website Design & Development

At Excelory, Website Designers in Goa, we offer you two ways of getting your own website designed and developed.

  1. A Do It Yourself (DIY) Solution as a Product
  2. Custom Website Design & Development as a Service

The DIY Solution

Website Builder is the DIY product that lets you design and develop your own website, without the need for any technical know-how. Details about this product have been explained in the Website Builder section. To read more about this best-in-class solution, click here.

Custom Website Design & Development

Creating custom websites consists of getting a web development company to design and develop the website for you. At Excelory, we bring together our extensive experience, creativity, knowledge and skill set to provide you with any website that you need. We undertake all web design and development activities as structured projects so that you get exactly what you want.

Website Design & Development involves the following main activities:

  • Website Layout Design
  • Graphics & Creatives Design
  • Content Creation (Copywriting)
  • Website Coding & Scripting

Websites can be designed with various layouts, limited only by creativity. The purpose of the site and the type and amount of content that will go into the website also plays a role in the layout design. A website containing plain text doesn’t look as appealing as one that makes use of beautiful images and photos. Graphics and creatives design also includes designing of the logo and banners etc., which create a brand identity and also beautify the look and feel of the website. Designing the website layout and graphics is usually the job of a Website Designer.

But what good would a website be without enough text content that conveys what you would like to express to your audience? The art of writing content is commonly known as copywriting. Copywriting is a service line in itself. Good copy can be the deciding factor between success and failure of your website. It is no wonder that businesses invest thousands of dollars to have good copy written for their website(s), with experienced content copywriters charging fees that run into hundreds of dollars per hour.

All this is then brought together through the technical skill of actually developing the website by writing code and script.

Static v/s Dynamic Website Development

Depending on the type of functionality that you need for your website, the resulting website can be a static website that serves just as a source of information, or it could be a dynamic website that lets your customers reach out to you and also gives you the ability to reach out to them, without the need for technical support. Depending on the functionality required, developing a custom website may need just a Web Designer or additionally a Web Developer/Programmer as well. If the website requires complex dynamic functionality that crosses over to the Web Application Development aspect, a Technical Architect too is often needed.

Web Application Development

A web application could involve any custom functionality that is needed to do what you want to get done. What needs to be done is only limited by your imagination, and rarely by technical non-feasibility.

Some typical websites that involve web application development, include Blogs (Web Logs), Classified Ads Sites, Discussion Forum Websites, Photo Gallery Websites, Portal Websites, Social Networking Sites, and e-Commerce Websites. Commonly needed functionalities often involve research and customization of package solutions that are available in the market. More proprietary and/or unique requirements involve the development of web applications from scratch. That divides web application development into two major branches:

  • Off-The-Shelf Software Customization
  • Bespoke (Custom) Web Development

A note on programming languages and technologies

Web application development is Excelory’s forte. Having said that, the domain of web application development is like an ocean, every depth and detail of which cannot be fathomed by any single company.

Web Development involves Client-side coding, Server-side coding, Database technologies, and various infrastructure components, each of which provides many different options, thereby leading to any web development project having at its disposal myriad options for technology selection and architecture.

Having experience in both propriety technologies as well open source technologies, we understand their capabilities and how well each of them are placed in the market. We are highly experienced at Java and related technologies, but recommend PHP over Java for most of our web development activities. Excelory specializes in open source technologies.

When it comes to web technologies, however, the choice of technology components is not as important as the art of using any such technology for the implementation of the required functionality. At Excelory, when it comes to the Internet and Web Technologies, we believe that we can do anything that is technically possible. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for website designers in Goa/India or elsewhere in the world, because, besides location losing importance by the day when it comes to IT services, outsourcing/offshoring has been at the heart of our extensive experience. So, feel free to Contact Us and let us know about whatever it is that you need help with.